Kriosystem Life & Care is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic devices which are used to perform cryotherapy treatments. Our high quality, innovative design and safety products are very popular since 1991. The company provides customers a wide range of products and installations. We offer devices such as WBC Mobile & Fixed Cryochamber as well as cryochamber built in Van, devices for cryosurgery and local cryotherapy.

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Whole body cryotherapy chamber (mobile) | Kriosystem Life & Care | Manufacturer of cryotherapy devices: Whole Body Cryochambers (mobile and stationary), local cryotherapy and cryosurgery devices


Medical support

Vratislavia Medica St. John Paul II Hospital is one of the most modern medical facilities in Poland. Vratislavia Medica promotes an individual approach to treatment due to a team of top-class specialists with clinical experience, a wide range of surgical procedures, a modern diagnostic, rehabilitation and physiotherapy center.

In cooperation with our medical partner we offer cryotherapy trainings based on the knowledge and experience of Vratislavia Medica medical team.

Local Cryotherapy

Go Local


The innovative and ergonomic design based on the highest standard of safety makes operating of the device simple and pleasant. Our Cryo has been developed to allow a local supply of liquid nitrogen vapours of a temperature of -150 C at different blow-in intensity levels, high quality and user-friendly design.


The cold steam creates goose bumps, which invigorate your tissue, tightening your skin. It also stimulates the production of collagen, found in your skins fascial layer, improving tone and radiant appearance.


As with all cryotherapy treatments, multiple applications provide better results, as biological reactions are accumulative and become the body’s normal way of showing longer lasting effects. This treatment is natural and non-invasive, leaving you pain free, time rich and feeling great.


The local cryotherapy device encourages anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, rehabilitation and recovery process. Session of cryotherapy treatments improves physical performance of your body and makes you feel better.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Healthy cold


WBC Fixed Chamber has been developed for Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments which are fast, simple and really safe due to professional safety system which constantly controls oxygen level and ensures no direct contact of the body with a cooling medium.


The device has its application in recovery, rehabilitation process, physiotherapy, rheumatology, traumatology. After a cryotherapy session in WBC chamber person feels relaxed, refreshed and full of energy. It also improves sleep quality and helps focus better.


Our WBC chambers are widely used in sports clubs, medical centers, hospitals as well as SPA centers all over the world. Its effectiveness has been confirmed not only by scientific studies, but above all by our clients who gets a lot of benefits by using it.

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Whole body cryotherapy chamber (stationary) | Kriosystem Life & Care | Manufacturer of cryotherapy devices: Whole Body Cryochambers (mobile and stationary), local cryotherapy and cryosurgery devices


Smart Surgery


CryoTouch is a portable device dedicated to cosmetology, aesthetic medicine and cryosurgery. As a cooling medium this device utilizes liquid nitrogen which allows to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue and dead skin cells in a fast, pain-free way which gives incredible effects.


CryoTouch in the medical sector is used for freezing skin lesions. In case of oncology may be used to treat certain types of cancer and some conditions that may become cancer. In the SPA sector, CryoTouch has its application in Aesthetic Dermatology for cryopeeling.


CryoTouch is compact and handy because of it’s relatively small size and ease-of-use. In addition to CryoTouch we offer a wide range of contact, spray treatment applicators and different versions of the sets.

Why Cryotherapy ?



Cure the pain

Cryotherapy  as a perfect solution in the post – injury rehab, a foundation for building the best mental and physical shape.



Forever young

Let your body feel the pleasure of Cryotherapy! 

Awake the power of youth.



Recover faster 

Cryotherapy supports athletes’ bodies in many ways, helping not only in cases of injury, but also during everyday training.



Cure animals

Cryotherapy can be useful to help relieve pain and swelling after an injury. It is a quick, easy and safe treatment option for pets skin conditions, ulcers and growths.


Refresh your mind

Let your mind think smart and improve mental recovery. A coffee break or a Cryotherapy treatment – choice is yours.


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