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Kriosystem Life & Care is a leading manufacturer of innovative cryogenic devices, confirmed medical certification for Whole Body Cryotherapy and local treatments in Poland and abroad. The company provides customers with a large range of products and installations. Over 28 years of success in the field of cryogenic vacuum solutions transmission lines used in Science, Industry and Medicine.

We come from the traditions and achievements of the Institute of Low Temperature Polish Academy of Sciences since 1974. The company is a dynamic team of 30 creative and committed people who are passionate about developing  the most modern cryogenic technologies. Our high quality, innovative design and safety products are very popular among the Wellness industry. We cooperate with the prestigious Wellness Clinics, SPA Centers, Sanatoriums all over the World. Cryotherapy in Sports is very well known. The elite football clubs that we have already helped are for example: AC Milan, Italian National Team, Leicester City FC, FC Kilmarnock, Sunderland FC, St.-Etienne AC, Fulham FC, Cleveland Browns, Brisbane Broncos, Welch Rugby Union.

Our Business Partners put their trust also in our technology: Air Products – a global supplier of industrial gases, Air Liquide – a manufacturer and a supplier of technical and industrial gases, Mercedes-Benz Grupa Wróbel – a  manufacturer of cars, and RehaBursiewicz – the Sports Rehabilitation Institute.

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