OXYGEN safety system

Cryochamber is equipped with trusted and inspected breathable air analysing system based on oxygen level sensors. Integrated software ensures quick and reliable reaction giving relevant information for operators.​


Built-in cryochamber gives possibility to perform the treatments without any external devices. Full mobility will allow to enjoy cryotherapy in places that haven't been reachable before.


Chassis made by Mercedes-Benz provide reliable construction linked together with modern design. Highest quality ensures stable base for the cryochamber during transport and treatments.

Indirect cooling system

Cooling medium - Liquid nitrogen
Breathable environment - Cold air

Temperature range

from -80 °C to -160 °C

Dimensions (L x W x H)

790 x 235 x 330 cm

Users inside

2-3 users

Vessel capacity

600 l

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