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OXYGEN safety system

Cryochamber is equipped with trusted and inspected breathable air analysing system based on oxygen level sensors. Integrated software ensures quick and reliable reaction giving relevant information for operators.


Variety of materials and colorfull palette gives possibility to personalize your cryotherapy chamber. Adjusting it to the specified room area with dedicated colorline is not a problem anymore!

Nitrogen losses reduction

With our vacuum insulated connection pipelines and nitrogen monitoring equipment you are ensured that the amount of medium will be controlled and efficiently used.

Indirect cooling system

Cooling medium - Liquid nitrogen
Breathable environment - Cold air

Temperature range

from -80 °C to -160 °C

Dimensions (L x W x H)

S (2-3 users) - 300 x 160 x 250 cm
M (2-4 users) - 350 x 200 x 250 cm
L (2-6 users) - 450 x 250 x 250 cm

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